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Rubondo Island

Rubondo Island national park is a jewel in lake Victoria. Rubondo island national park is Tanzania’s only national park established on in island. The striking nature of the park is derived from its evergreen forests, diverse lake environment and kilometers of sandy shores fringed by palms. The rich avifauna of the forest and spectacular butterflies fluttering around the trails and forest glades are distinctive of the island. 

The highly amphibious, Sitatunga antelope and the breeding island of water birds that are unique for Tanzania are among the most astonishing details of the park’s wildlife. Rubondofulfils the dual purpose of being a wonderful example of conspicuous nature and a tranquil holiday resort. Sport fisherman can enjoy catches here which would satisfy even the most demanding anglers. 

Here we can see some animals like Baboon, Black and white colobus monkey, Blue monkey,Buffalo, Bushpig, Chimpanzee, Dik-dik, Elephant,Giraffe, Hippo, Hyrax, Rhino, Sitatunga, Squrrel,Warthog, Waterback, vervet monkey, Large spotted genet, spot-necked otter, Marsh mongoose, cane rat, Crocodile, lots of reptiles, lots of birds, insects and many wild plants. once you are interested you most welcome and do not hesitate to contact us soon as possible thank you,