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Mahale Mountains

Mahale national park this is a mighty natural wonder in Lake Tanganyika,  Mahale national park is a unique within the whole natural world of the African continent. The is no other conservation area anywhere in East Africa where one can find the same variety in nature as mahale has t offer. 

This one park is able to boast rugged mountains, deep jungles crystal-clear water lakes and miombo savanna where the mammals of the plains roam as they please. And all these are framed by the most wonder scenery, while all other extreme, Mahale is unrivalled in the wealth of its small natural details. 

The park is Tanzania’s most significant refuge for chimpanzees, but as it possesses a unique combination of wildlife fauna, species characteristics of savanna environments such as the Giraffe and the Zebra are to be found here as well. For some bird species mahale is the only known habitat in the entire country.Here we can see some like Eastern Chimpanzee, Western red colobus, Angola pied colobus, Yellow baboon, Vervet monkey, Blue monkey, Red-tailed monkey, Greater galago, Lesser kudu, Giraffe, Elephant, Leopard, Lesser kudu, Warthog, Zebra, Buffalo, Duikers,, Hyena, Pangolin, Servial cat, lots of birds, insects and many plants.