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Katavi National Park

Katavi national park is a wild plateau,InKatavi it is nature gives us a powerful lesson in what true miombo is. The whole environment of the park, its uniforms forests, vast plains and flood-sensitive lakes exude a rough beauty of their own, that of one of the wildest tracts of nature to be found anywhere in Africa. This remote boasts tens of thousands of large mammals representing all the most essential species belonging to the East African savanna environment. It has one of Tanzania’s mightiest herds of buffaloes and is a stronghold for hippopotamus and crocodiles. 

Katavi lies at the heart of Tanzanian home ranges of the roan antelope, a rare bulky variety that is confined to woodlands plateau, and the park’s birdlife, mostly centered on the water systems and Miombo savanna is both distinctive and highly diverse. Here we can see some animals like Giraffe, Elephant, Leopard, Lesser kudu, Warthog, Zebra, Buffalo, Duikers, Hyena, Blue monkey, Servile cat, Wild dog, Wildebeest, Topi, Impala, Kongoni, Dik-kids, Waterbuck, Bohor Reedbucks, Klipspringer, Hippopotamus, Bush Pig, Olive baboon, Velvet  Monkey, Senegal galago, Bush baby, Greater galago, Eland Thomsons  gazelle, Impala, Roan antelope, Bat –eared fox, Oryx,Grants gazelle, Heartbeest, Jackals,  caracal, cheetah, Lion, Honey badger, Mongoose, Genet, lots of birds, insects and many plants.