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Saadani National Park

Saadani national park is where lions meet turtles. Saadani is Tanzania’s only national park in coastal wildlife sanctuary comprising a full cross-section of environment from savanna- like conditions to seashore. In the details of the natural life it contains it is to hard find a match for Saadani, where elephants and lions are part of the park’s life just as much as is a ghost crab scampering along the shore. It is here that conservation targets are not only focused on land ecosystems but are extended to the green turtles and the mangrove forests as well. 

The Mangrove. Which is dwindling fast everywhere in the world, is an exceptionally diverse and unique element of nature, an irreplaceable filter between land and sea and a vital factor in maintaining coral reefs. Here we can see some animals like Waterbuck, Bohor Reedbucks, Klipspringer, Hippopotamus, Bush Pig, Olive baboon, Vervet  Monkey, Senegal galago, Bushbaby, Eland, Thomsons  gazelle, Impala, Bat –eared fox, Grants gazelle, Hartebeest, Jackals,  caracal , Cheetah , Lion, Hartebeest,  Leopard,, Warthog, Zebra, Buffalo, Duikers, Elephant, lots of birds, insects and many wild plants.