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Tarangire National Park

Tarangire national park you will be meeting of Giants, Tarangire provides a wonderful spectacle of a savanna environment and a meeting point of mightiest components  of the African wilderness, right this park where the savanna again dotted with monumental baobab trees and the most magnificent herds of African elephants to be found in northern Tanzania are roaming in this park. 

Life is spectacular in the dry season when the migratory ungulates come back to the permanent waters of the Tarangire River During the best periods to visit here is from August to October, Tarangire is one of the most astonishing strongholds for wildlife on the African continent. The Park’s environment is dominated by savanna woodlands, wetlands and seasonal flood plains and boasts a birdlife of exceptional species diversity. 

Tarangire feature and its content is most savannah like with big baobabs tree, a few acacias, Elephants, groups of buffaloes, lion, African pythons, wildebeest, Impala, Mongoose, Zebra, lots of Birds, insects, Many plants, Wild dog, Bat eared fox, Leopards, Beisa Oryx, wonderful & amazing landscape with scattered trees. And in Tarangire national park we will see some animals  Giraffe, Elephant, Leopard, Lesser kudu, Warthog, Zebra, Buffalo, Duikers,  Hyena, Blue monkey, Serval cat, Wild dog  , Wildebeest, Topi, Impala, Kongoni, Dik-kids, Waterback, Bohor Reedbucks, Klipspringer, Hippopotamus, Bush Pig, Olive baboon, Vervet  Monkey, Senegal galago, Bushbaby, Greater kudu, Eland, Thomsons  gazelle, Impala, Gerenuk, Bat –eared fox, Ory, Grands gazelle, Hartebeest, Jackals,  caracal , Cheetah , Lion and lots of birds, insects and many plants to mention are acacia, big baobabs trees, miombo and etc