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Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara national park is the hidden treasure of Great Rift Valley in its long. Lake Manyara national park is an astonishing oasis in the Great Rift Valley, for although the valley is thousands of kilometers long, it is only here that the high water table fed by countless springs from the escarpment has given rise to dense tropical vegetations a forest brought about by a superfluity of ground water. 

But Manyara is much more besides. Its evergreen forests, its park like savanna dotted with acacias and open plains stretching down to the lake shore, together with the rugged wall of the rift valley is abundance backdrop, make Manyara in to microcosm of Tanzania’s natural environment. The pictures reaches perfection when all the rich animals fauna, featuring elephant, Buffaloes, Lions and Giraffe is included not to mention the superb birdlife on the shores of the watercourses. 

Here we can see some animals likeGiraffe, Elephant, Leopard, Black and white colobus monkey, Warthog, Zebra, Buffalo, Duikers, Hyena, Blue monkey, Serval cat, Wild dog  ,Wildebeest, Rhino, Impala, Sable antelope, Dik-kids, Waterback, Bohor Reedbucks, Klipspringer, Roan antelope ,Bush Pig, Olive baboon, Vervet  Monkey, Senegal galago, Bat –eared fox, Hartebeest, Jackals, and some others are Lake Manyara itself, Different altitudes with high rift valley wall, Lots of birds , Insects and many plants as you know this is bush wildlife.