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Kilimanjaro National Park

Mount Kilimanjaro national park this like an ecological cross-section from equatorial heat to gleaming glaciers. As the continent highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro is indisputably the king among the islands in the African sky. It is not only an awesome dormant volcano but it is a spectacular and diverse show case of the natural worldas well. Within the short distance from outskirts to the top of the mountain all aspects of life are transformed from lush tropical condition to an icy lava desert, So that both hotsummer and icy cold winter conditions are everyday phenomena to these guys  who are climb up and down as porters and guides who lead you the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. On the upper slopes, where heath vegetation prevails, life has discovered its own exceptional adaptations to the extreme natural weather. Nothing is eternal, however, not even the huge glaciers covering the top of the mountain, and its snow on Mount Kilimanjaro is expected to lose its cap within a short period of time in future.       

In Mount Kilimanjaro as is to climb up & down but is for people who are fit and strong to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is as someone cross from equator to north pole although in Mount Kilimanjaro you meet with different altitude in steeps and high height up & down and all these parks we call them northern circuit which are easier and short period to arrive for all them six national parks there.Here we can see some animals like Suni, Hyrax, civet, Honey badger, mongoose, Buffalo, Bushpig, Blue monkey, Serval cat, Reedbuck,Squirrels, Dik-kids, Warthog, Black and white colobus , Vervet  Monkey, Senegal galago, Bush baby, Eland, Waterback, Leopard, Klipspringer , Abbot’s Duiker, caracal , Giraffe, Genet, Bushbuck, Jackals,  lots of birds, insects, many plants and marvelous view from slopes of mount Kilimanjaro.

Here in these parks we can help our clients/guests to tailor safari trip from one person for safari trip to game viewing with Jeep/Toyota Land cruiser with roof pop up for better viewing for every one with at his/her window Up to eight people for safari trip to game viewing together in one car with Jeep/Toyota Land cruiser with roof pop up for better viewing for every one with at his/her window, In these Arusha national park, Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara national park, Ngorongoro Crater and the famous Serengeti national park  which are five national park we will enjoy with our guests a lot.