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Pemba Beach

Pemba Island is located around 80 Km. from Zanzibar (Unguja) Island, in front of Tanga on continental Tanzania. Pemba is smaller than Unguja, but is hillier and has lush vegetation, as well called "The Evergreen Island". 

This island is famous by its spectacular tides, for its rich variety of sea life that surrounds the paradise turquoise waters giving us an unforgettable picture.

Pemba is covered of hills full of palm trees, cloves, rice fields and lush natural forests as the Ngezi Forrest in the north. 

There are several beautiful virgin beaches over the coast, and the northern coast of the island is one of the most beautiful places of the world for scuba divers. 

Until today holds little tourism, as most of the beaches are hardly reachable, and the lack of infrastructure makes this island a virgin and wild environment.