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Mafia Beach

Mafia Island, is located just 25 Km. away of the Tanzanian coast and 160 Km. south of Zanzibar in the Indic Ocean, is as unknown as fascinating. 

Since 1995 the Island was declared National Marine Park, and is the mayor protected area of Eastern Africa. 

Has an area over 800 square kilometers, between the southern coasts and Chole Bay. Among its beautiful reefs we can find over 400 fish species besides a great coral variety. 

Wonderful scenery for scuba divers. 

The sea that surrounds Mafia Island hold an exceptional mosaic of tropical marine habitat, including the coral reefs, mangles, lagoons and coastal forests. 

Besides, Mafia is the nesting place for the Green and Carey Turtles. Sharks, Barracudas, Grouper, Marlin, Swordfish, Manta Rays, Moray Eels and Triggerfish are commonly found around the island. 

No doubt, this island is a real show for its rich sea life. 

Mafia Island is the richest and closest to Zanzibar. The name comes from Arabic and means "Protection". 

This island used to be the place where slaves captured in the area use to joint and locked up. Numbers say that around forty thousand men and women were cough and sold every year over the degrading slave market. This situation lasted until 1873, when the slavery abolition treat was signed by Lloyd Matthews. 

This island among Chole, Jibondo and Juani, are part of an archipelago and had become a solitary and peaceful place. Their beaches are pure paradises and the clear waters hold colorful fishes swimming around a beautiful coral reef. 

Besides sea activities, in Mafia we can find the remains of a XV century mosque, a deposit of the XIII century and remains of a German colony. Kilindoni, the capital is a very small and colorful picturesque place.